Nissan TITAN XD and TITAN – American Products

The newest vehicle at the Canton assembly plant — TITAN — is the most American product in Nissan’s fleet.


  • The TITAN is the latest example of Nissan entrusting one of its flagship vehicles to the Canton community.
  • The TITAN is designed in California, engineered in Michigan, tested in Arizona and powered by Indiana and Tennessee. But it is the Canton workforce that ultimately assembles the parts from all over the country to build the TITAN.

An Exceptional Workforce


We’re proud of our workforce, our community and their ability to create a true American TITAN.


  • Nissan first announced plans to construct a manufacturing plant in Canton in 2000, and the facility started production in 2003. Since that time, our employees in Mississippi have contributed more than 3 million vehicles to Nissan’s global output.
  • The assembly of the new TITAN in Canton reflects the strong trust Nissan places in its Mississippi workforce and their ability to deliver products of the highest quality.
  • With yet another flagship vehicle on their assembly line, our employees are set up to enjoy continued economic security and prosperity for themselves, their families and their community.

american TITAN grid 01

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An Economic Engine


A 2016 study by Mississippi State University (MSU), which was unveiled in a press conference at the Mississippi State Capitol in June 2016, found that TITAN supports nearly 25,000 jobs at Nissan and other businesses throughout the Central Mississippi region.


  • This represents a 56 percent increase in jobs since MSU’s previous study of Nissan’s economic impact was conducted in 2014.
  • Nissan in Canton employs 6,400 people, and MSU has found that for every job created at the plant, an average of 2.9 additional jobs are created at other businesses across the state of Mississippi.
  • Nissan’s presence in Mississippi currently contributes $2.9 billion annually to the state GDP, generates $2.6 billion in disposable income every year and is responsible for more than $300 million in annual local and state tax revenues.

A Strong Community


TITAN enables our ongoing commitment to community partners such as local public schools and Habitat for Humanity.


  • Nissan continues to contribute substantial funds every year to philanthropic causes throughout the region. Together with our generous employees, we have given more than $12.3 million in charitable contributions since our doors opened in 2003.
  • In 2015, we provided grants to 66 institutions.
  • Our employees remain engaged as community volunteers in a wide range of endeavors, tallying a total of approximately 1,500 hours in 2015.

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