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Nissan sold its first automobile in the U.S. in 1958, with U.S. manufacturing beginning in June of 1983 as a white Nissan pickup truck rolled off the assembly line. More than 34 years later, Nissan has four U.S. manufacturing facilities capable of producing 1 million vehicles, 1.4 million engines, 1.4 million forgings and 456,000 castings annually.


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Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant


The opening of the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in 2003 was a groundbreaking moment, bringing automotive production to Mississippi for the first time. The plant has become a force for economic development, creating thousands of well-paying jobs and inspiring other auto companies and suppliers to set up operations in the state.


For more than a decade, the Canton team has been assembling quality, award-winning cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs. The plant has grown significantly over that time and transformed from a domestic manufacturer to a global one.

Our Team


  • More than 6,400 people work at the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant.
  • Our workforce comes from all over the state of Mississippi – with residents from 61 of 82 counties.
  • Our management team is made up of 46 percent minority managers and our workforce is more than 70 percent diverse. In recognition of the company’s diverse workforce, Nissan was named one of DiversityInc’s Top 25 Noteworthy Companies for 2016.

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Nissan Canton: A Catalyst for Advanced Automotive Manufacturing in Mississippi

A study from Mississippi State University


Nissan was the beginning of advanced automotive manufacturing prospects in
Mississippi when it established its assembly plant in Canton in 2003. Mississippi has become a globally competitive advanced manufacturing location since Nissan’s arrival.

  • Since 2013, the number of jobs at Nissan Canton has grown by nearly 30 percent.
  • For every job created at Nissan, an average of 2.9 additional jobs are created at other businesses throughout the state.
  • Nissan Canton generates $2.6 billion in disposable income every year, and Madison County, the home of Nissan Canton, has the highest median family income in Mississippi.


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Making a Vehicle

Making a Vehicle
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Every car, truck and van produced at the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant starts here – as a coil of raw steel. The steel is rolled out and travels through a press, where it is then cut into blank sheets.